Monday, January 20, 2014

Toys R' Us Kid...

The world seems to think that it's pretty adult, doesn't it?

Grown-ups fool each other; hiding what they think they don't want the children to see until they're old enough to handle it. But, it only makes the world's attempt at adulthood look sad, when I can see every bit of it coming.

Wise as a snake and as innocent as a dove will always be my goal.

I am tired of the world, and when it tries to show me how smart and sneaky it is.
Now, I'm surrounded by people who cover-up so many things because they think that an act will spare them a little heartache, and then, some who press a wound on me and keep pressing until I'm forced into a corner and give them a reason that they don't want to hear.

I'm trying my best not to be judgmental, or at least show it... but so many people want something from me and I want everything from everyone else, yet, nothing at all.

What is an adult anyways?

Do they look away and lose interest when I make a joke they don't enjoy?
Do they make complicated decisions with their sex-life without knowing full-well what they are doing?
Do they reject some form of doctrine because doctrine is the mark of youth?

How many people's lives have become better when they became an "adult"?

I think none, and I don't want to grow up...


  1. Hm…so what is that all about? What people are trying to cover up what things? Who (and why/in what way) is someone forcing you into a corner? What answer are you being forced to give?

  2. Just people, trying to cover up things they know are wrong, but say that it's right with their mouth. They want to have secrets, but they don't want me to have any secrets of my own. So, I'm forced to give answers they don't want to hear... specifically what I really think about them, or things about my own life and morality structure that stop me from doing what they think is "normal".

    Sorry, that's probably not that helpful, and maybe you're looking for specifics, but you know you can always email me so I don't have to post about them.